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September 15, 2023

As is the case in much of the world, billionaires and tycoons often invest in or own teams in various sports disciplines around the world, whether as a pastime, a love for the sport, a competitive calling, or simply out of whim. The NFL is not the exception.

100% of the team owners in this league consistently rank among the wealthiest and most influential in North America. Some are heirs to generational fortunes, others have various private businesses that are not public offer, or they own private equity funds and, through them, hold stakes in different companies, making the source of their wealth not as transparent as when companies are public offer on stock exchanges. Below, we will focus on owners who gained their wealth through businesses built in the stock market, which provides us with a rather interesting perspective on everything that lies behind (or in the backfield of) what I consider the most powerful sports league in the world.


This NFL franchise has been characterized by more sports and administrative woes in the last 20 years than by being in Super Bowl contention, along with cultural controversies stemming from its former name: the Redskins.

In this year, it was acquired by Joshua Harris, co-founder of Apollo Global Management, a private equity, pensions, credit, and real estate investment firm through alternative fund management that is listed on the NYSE.

Currently, Josh is dedicated to his investment firm, 26North, which has not public offer, but his wealth was essentially acquired through the firm described in the previous paragraph.


Known as the Ford family’s team (owners of the major automaker) and managed by Sheila Ford, the Lions are the pride of the city that revolves around this iconic American company.

Ford is considered one of the top 10 automobile manufacturers globally and is part of the S&P 100 in the USA, validating the brand power behind a team that, sadly, is one of the most losing sports franchises in history, still having not won a Super Bowl.


Owned by S. Robson Walton, who is a member of the Walton family, the richest family in the world and owners of Walmart Inc.

Walmart is the largest supermarket company in the world, considered among the top 20 companies, employing over 2 million people, giving us a reference to the background of this team.

The Broncos have experienced two winning eras with legendary quarterbacks John Elway and Peyton Manning, winning a total of 3 Super Bowls. Will they be as dominant in the NFL in the future as Walmart is in the business world?


Steve Tisch, co-owner of the mentioned team, is known for being a film producer with the backing of his family, which collectively controls Loews Corporation, a conglomerate with business interests in finance, energy, transportation, hospitality, and entertainment. This company is part of the S&P 500 and is listed on the NYSE.

The NY Giants have faded into mediocrity over the last 10 years, so it is hoped that they can soon return to the glory days that made them winners of 4 Super Bowls.


Owned by Arthur Blank, co-founder of The Home Depot, the world’s largest hardware store, which is part of indices like the Dow Jones Industrial Average and is considered one of the companies with the highest brand value in the USA and the world.

Currently, the exact number of shares still held by Arthur is unknown, but there is no doubt that his fortune was built through that titan, allowing him to acquire the Falcons.

To the disappointment of their fans, this team is one of the 8 franchises without a Vince Lombardi Trophy in their showcase, and the possibility of achieving it seems distant despite having an incredibly successful owner.


The second team in the Big Apple has two owners (Woody and Christopher Johnson) who are part of the Johnson family, one of the wealthiest in the world, as they have the majority ownership of the multinational pharmaceutical company, Johnson & Johnson, which is known for acquiring various healthcare companies throughout its history. The company is listed on the DJI and is also considered one of the most important companies in the world.

The NY Jets are among the least successful franchises in the NFL, and along with the NY Giants, they have generated more disappointments than triumphs in recent years, so it is hoped that they can soon live up to the glamour of the Big Apple.


Jody Allen is the sister of the late Paul Allen, who co-founded Microsoft, a company that helped generate his fortune and made him one of the richest men in the USA.

Microsoft is the most important technology company worldwide, second only to Apple, and it was the backbone of Paul’s ownership of the Seattle Seahawks, a city known for being home to tech companies with a very similar identity.

The team in question went from being a losing franchise to being a title contender, experiencing its best years between 2012 and 2016, during which they won their only Super Bowl. Can they recover under Jody’s ownership? At the moment, it seems challenging.

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