Alberto García M

October 2, 2023

This platform is a social network that can be considered a content creation, blogging, and even streaming site based on a subscription and prepayment model. It is most well-known for generating adult content, although there are also influencers and individuals who publish intimate details of their daily or professional lives.

In its original concept, founder Tim Stokely aimed to generate premium content in exchange for direct contributions to the content creators, bypassing the traditional model of sponsorship and ad revenue seen on other platforms.

OnlyFans has a recent origin, being established in 2016 in England. It was subsequently 75% acquired in 2018 by the controversial businessman Leonid Radvinsky with the intention of continuing the platform’s development. Radvinsky, a renowned businessman in the adult industry and an economics graduate from Northwestern University, has a history of creating adult content websites. Despite his ventures into software development and IT consulting, his primary wealth stems from the adult content industry.

Radvinsky has also been involved in numerous controversies, ranging from possible copyright fraud and sexual exploitation to child pornography, making him a reclusive figure who rarely gives interviews or divulges details about his business ventures.

Upon changing ownership, OnlyFans managed to establish itself as a burgeoning platform, finding a business niche unexplorable on platforms like Instagram or YouTube due to content regulations.

With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, apps like Zoom and TikTok saw exponential growth, and OnlyFans benefited from the surge in the demand for entertainment resulting from social isolation. It also became a means for content creators to earn money, with an 80-20 revenue scheme where creators take 80% of subscription revenue.

According to a 2022 fiscal year report by Bloomberg, the controversial platform reported close to $6.5 billion in revenue with a net profit of $403 million. Estimates suggest between 120 and 150 million subscribers and 2.5 million content creators, although these figures cannot be verified as the company’s financial information is not public.

Comparing OnlyFans to subscription giants like Netflix, which reported 238 million subscribers in its latest stock report (June 2023), and Disney Plus with approximately 157 million, OnlyFans is hot on their heels in terms of subscriber count, though it caters to a much more specific niche due to its content nature.

As of now, there is no official report on the brand’s value and no known intentions of going public, making it difficult to evaluate and compare with major social media companies on fundamental financial aspects. The potential for OnlyFans to be listed on the stock market in the future remains a question.

The most crucial query at this point is whether OnlyFans has reached its peak or if it still has room to innovate and potentially rival major social networks in terms of value and popularity.

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