Fund Management.

Alberto García M

October 18, 2023

A good way to make your money work for you is to invest in financial and savings products, such as investment funds or pension funds.

However, not everyone has the experience, time, and knowledge necessary to select the products that best meet their expectations, needs, and, above all, their investor profile.

In this regard, fund managers are a crucial aid for those inexperienced investors in the field of finance.

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How does a fund management company work?

Also known as investment or asset managers, these are firms responsible for managing others’ money on their behalf, following various pre-established investment strategies. Their main goal is to allow small investors to pool their money with others to access more profitable investment options, which are inaccessible for individual small investors.

In addition, they are responsible for identifying and selecting the financial assets that best meet their clients’ needs, defining the investment strategy, and communications with the companies in which they have a stake; all to provide clear accounts to their end clients or investors.

Similarly, they represent the participants of the investment funds in making decisions for the companies and in the voting at shareholders’ meetings.

Investment funds do not have to focus on a single class of financial asset. Instead, they can offer diversified portfolios that include different types of products, such as fixed or variable income assets, deposits, derivatives, etc.

What are the advantages?

They always have specialised information and knowledge that allows them to offer personalised advice based on the investor’s goals and needs to make the most profitable decisions on their behalf.

The managers deeply analyse the projects and companies they plan to invest in to have the highest guarantees of profitability in their operations and are capable of analysing very complex factors, something beyond the competencies of average investors.

So, they also save time for the investor, as they avoid having to invest it in seeking information and examining complex financial reports: once an investment fund is chosen, participants only have to study the periodic reports prepared to keep up with the status of their investments.

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