Financial Economics: Risk and Return.

Financial economics is known as the branch of economics that focuses on studying how economic agents make financial decisions and manage scarce resources in the financial realm. The two fundamental concepts in this field are risk and return, which play a significant role in investment and financing decisions. Here’s the key information defining these concepts: […]

Costs and Environmental Liabilities: Corporate Responsibility in Sustainable Times.

We are living in times when sustainability and environmental responsibility are of paramount importance. In this context, it is essential to explore in detail the costs and environmental liabilities that companies face, as well as the strategies to address them. In 1998, in Mexico, the laws stipulated that whoever caused harm to the environment should […]

Managed Services, Innovation in Financial Processes.

The financial sector is at a pivotal moment of transformation, facing various challenges ranging from rapid technological advancements and increasing cyber threats to competition from new players. Within this challenging landscape, Managed Services emerge as an effective solution to tackle diverse obstacles, providing efficiency, innovation, and cost reduction amid the constant evolution of digitization. Managed […]


The term is used by various investors to refer to the increases experienced by markets during the last week of the year and the first few days of the new year, as if it were a seasonal trend. Technically, the study of this rally includes the last five trading days of the year and the […]

How Inflation Works and Its Impact on the Mexican Economy

Inflation is a universal economic phenomenon characterized by a sustained increase in the prices of goods and services within an economy. This phenomenon not only affects the purchasing power of consumers but also has a profound impact on a country’s economic health. In Mexico, inflation plays a crucial role in shaping economic policies and in […]

What are SMEs and How to Grow Them

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are significant across the globe as they mark an entrepreneur’s initial step and sustain millions of families. There are three primary classifications of SMEs: MicroenterprisesThese have fewer than 10 employees and generate no more than 4 million pesos in annual sales. Often, they utilize microenterprise loans to start their operations. […]


A common concern among savers and investors relates to the possibility of exploring this ‘financial instrument’ to generate returns. Those who have acquired these instruments have had all sorts of experiences: horror stories of losing all their money, cases of genuine luck akin to winning a lottery ticket, or simply people who gained or lost […]

Smart Strategies for Investing Your Year-End Bonus

Smart Strategies for Investing Your Year-End Bonus The year-end bonus, that anticipated extra income at the end of the year, offers an excellent opportunity to strengthen your wealth and progress towards your long-term financial goals. The year-end bonus represents a unique opportunity to bolster your financial estate. Personal Financial Situation Assessment: Before investing, it is […]

Ethics in Finance: 4 Principles You Should Know

Managing investments, savings, and capital is no simple task when it comes to acting under certain ethical principles. In a business context, we financial actors have a great responsibility to respond to the demands of a changing market. It’s not uncommon to hear about conscience in finance as a topic increasingly addressed in reference to […]